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Cleaning Plant

  1. Providing hygienic pure products to the customers is our foremost priority. Our goal is to maintain and enhance the quality of our products.
  2. To achieve this goal we process all raw, uncleaned products that are collected from various fields of Pakistan in our cleaning plant.
  3. Here in a very systematic, step-by-step process we separate all impurities from the product including various beans, spices, herbs and rice.
  4. After the separation of course impurities, the product is washed and cleaned with water in a separate machine. Later they are divided and packed properly.
  5. Steam sterilization of whole and ground spices. Heat Drying Treatment in spices to reduce moisture and contamination of spices.
  6. Mechanised Cleaning and sorting of spices to ensure purity.
  7. We have a quality management team to supervise the quality standards of the products, which has to be according to the international level.